Export-Only Workbooks

In order to support zero-copy data pipelines, workbook results can be configured for export only. Using data links as input for the workbook is required for a true zero-copy pipeline. Import jobs can be used for input as well, but only the workbook results are removed after the export job executes.

The following assumes an import job/data link has been created and the workbook is about to be saved.

Workbook Configuration Details

While saving the workbook, select Export only under the Workbook Settings tab and Data Retention section.

Only the saved sheets are exportable. In the above example, the finalResults sheet is exportable.

Export Job Configuration Details

The following assumes you have read through Exporting Data and understand the basics of configuring an export job. Most of the configuration for the export job is the same except you can't choose a schedule for the export job to run. With export only workbooks, the export job is always triggered by the workbook executing successfully.

Miscellaneous Details

If the workbook is configured to be export only, but no export jobs are associated with it, the generated data is kept for one day. If during that period a export job is created and then triggered manually, the workbook's data is deleted after the export job runs. This allows you to test results of a workbook or to configure an existing workbook to be export only without having to manually delete the workbook's data.