Optimizing Datameer and MySQL

As of Datameer X version 6.0, only versions 5.5 and above are supported for MySQL.

Optimizing the Datameer X Process

You can add more memory to the JVM Process, by changing the default allocation of 1G, in <DAS>/bin/das-env.sh:


Optimizing MySQL

You can optimize MySQL by enabling the query cache.

To enable the query cache:

Edit the MySQL configuration file my.cnf and append the following options to it:

query_cache_size = 50000000

These options enable a 50MB query cache that caches all queries except the queries that indicate they shouldn't be cached. The last option sets a query result limit to 1MB. Setting these values in the my.cnf file makes these setting permanent after a restart.

It is also possible to change these while the database is running.

  • Connect to your MySQL database with the following command:

    mysql -u root -p
  • Set the settings:
set global query_cache_size=50000000;
set global query_cache_type=1
set global query_cache_limit=1048576

To check whether the query cache is enabled, run the following command after connecting to your MySQL database:

show variables like 'query%'

This command should return the a list of query settings. Check for the settings listed above to confirm that these values have taken effect.

Another optimization on mySQL:

Enter the following command on the server where the mysql is installed.

mysqlanalyze -A -uroot -p
mysqloptimize -A -uroot -p
optimize table data_source_data;