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Current and Former Versions


The current Datameer X version is Datameer X 11.

To view former documentation versions:

  1. Click on the "hamburger" button on the upper left side corner. The menu opens. 
  2. Select "Dashboard"The Dashboard page opens.  
  3. Select the required documentation version. The product documentation opens. 

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TermSynonym/ Abbreviation
GCSGoogle Cloud Storage

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Target Groups


The personas describe all target groups for the Datameer X product.

The Datameer X Administrator

The Datameer X Administrator maintains the Datameer X IT infrastructure. Because he is skilled in databases and already worked with Hadoop he is responsible for ensuring the system availability 24/7 as well as its security. 

His goals in using Datameer X are: 

  • guaranty performance and optimise
  • provision IT infrastructure and system integration
  • adherence to SLA`s 
  • job/ Hadoop monitoring
  • Datameer X upgrades
  • easy disaster recovery

The Data Engineer in a Central Data Team

The Data Engineer has deep knowledge and expertise in different database softwares. He is a designer, builder and manager of information. In his team he has to build a robust, fault-tolerant data pipeline that cleans, transforms, and aggregates unorganised and messy data into the data warehouse. 

His goals are:

  • provision and maintenance of industrial data access pipelines
  • develop efficient data access patterns
  • data transformation - provide clean data
  • build complex/ custom data models
  • meta data management
  • data integration

The Data Steward

The Data Steward is needed for organize and provisioning them to the business. He grants access to data to user groups where other groups have to be excluded from data sets due to compliance regulations. He also enriches the datasets with more meta data so accessing and evaluating of data is much easier. 

His goals are:

  • provision of relevant data 
  • track data usage and lineage
  • hide and mask PII and other sensitive data
  • ensure trusted single source of truth
  • ensure regulatory compliance
  • meta data management
  • develop standardized data access patterns
  • documentation of data sets
  • operationalize governance across heterogenous environments

The Departmental Analyst

The Departmental Analyst has business knowledge and is technologically and data savvy, but not as much as a programmer. He is responsible for the preliminary work for the business users. He guides, acquires, processes and summarizes data. Therefore he is used to work with advanced data analytics and vizualization tools. 

His goals are:

  • retrieve and enrich data 
  • fast spreadsheet analytics at scale
  • visual data analytics
  • detect and understand patterns
  • Trakt KPIs and inform decisions
  • getting insights to reports or share them

Legally Required Information

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