Searching for Files, Paths and Other Artifacts Within Datameer

Where to Search

Find files, paths and other artifacts in Datameer X by using the search bar located under the file browser tab on the top right of the screen.

Using Datameer's Search Feature

  1. Search for files, paths, folders, and other Datameer X artifacts by navigating to the File Browser tab and clicking the search bar.

    The search bar expands and gives the option to search within all of Datameer X or only the folder where you are currently located.
    In the example below, only matches within the Import Jobs folder would be returned.
  2. Type your search string into the search bar and press Enter on your keyboard to begin the search. INFO: Upper-case and lower-case letters or digits don't matter for search, a leading "/" doesn't matter.
    The results of your search are displayed.

Fields queried

When entering a search string, Datameer X can query the following artifact fields:

  • Name
  • Tag
  • Owner
  • Type
  • Description
  • Path

By default, Datameer's search feature queries for artifact Name and Tag. Wildcard characters are added by default to the front and rear of all nonspecific field searches.

Specify the field to search using the following syntax:

  • Name = name: <search string>
  • Tag = tag: <search string>
  • Type = type: <search string>
  • Owner = owner: <search string>
  • Description = description: <search string>

  • Path = path:/<search string>

The results are for exact matches of your search strings (case insensitive). Expand your results by adding wildcards.

name: *apache*


To search for the artifacts by owner:

owner: system

To search by artifact type: (Use the artifact type extension.)

type: wkb

Advanced search features

Datameer's search feature is built using Apache Lucene technology. Visit the Apache Lucene documentation to learn about advance searching including:

  • Terms
  • Fields
  • Term Modifiers
    • Wildcard Searches
    • Fuzzy Searches
    • Proximity Searches
    • Range Searches
    • Boosting a Term
  • Boolean Operators
    • AND
    • +
    • NOT
    • -
  • Grouping
  • Field Grouping
  • Escaping Special Characters


Search Datameer X artifacts for "import jobs" owned by "John". 

owner: john AND type: imp

Search Datameer X artifacts for either the owner "John" or the owner "Anna" that also has the tag "users".

(owner: John OR owner: Anna) AND tag: users